im 31 yrs male i have excessive number of lipoma all over my entire body especially on thigh also include arms back and abdomeni used to have it 15 yrs ago begining with 1 or 2 and the number increases every year and size also now count elevates 100 it almost painlessnow i want to know the cause of the growth in number and size and any suggestions out from you

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Causes of Lipoma
    Most cases have unknown cause.
    Mereditary causes.
    Same prcexisting candidates like (Gardner’s Syndrome)
    No need to excise all these numbers of Lipoma except in these conditions: 
    Painful or tender lipoma.
    Infected or inflamed repeatedly
    Foul-Smelling discharge.
    Interferes with joint movement.
    Increases in size
    Becames Unsightly or bothersome.
    Surgical excision under L.A. for Small Lipomas
    Surgical Excision under G.A. for Large Lipmas
    Dr. Osama Khalil
    General & Laparoscopic Surgery