Hepatitis B

A case of male 25 yrs has infected by HBV since 1 year and 4 months.When infection discoverd PCR was less than 20 & normal amount of AlT AST.Second PCR After 8 months was 540 with normal limits of liver profile.The third PCR after 1 yr 4 months was 1408 and ALT 25 AST 38.a course of medication zeffix 100 mg and selinum ACE Was taken for the first four months of infection then Dr informed me that No need for medication.my questions.Should I take any medications now or no?In my case HBV Can transmitted to my wife or no? this amount of virus can affect the liver or no?.Thanks!

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  1. Welcome Mr.zeein …………

    last Tests indicated to normal levels
    only the supervising veterinarian can Decide medications that can receive , based on the latest analysis of the type
    Can HPV transition to a partner, and must be tested for HBsAg marker (Must be negative) to avoid transmission
    Beside that , there is no  proportion to the amount of virus in your allegation